(No. 12/2004 - March 2004)
Editor: Fran Bock

This article originally appeared in the Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) Journal, 2003, Vol. 11, p. 29-35.

The Belarus SIG is grateful for the permission granted by Prof. Thom Edlund of Brigham Young University to republish Dr. Leonid Smilovitsky's article on the Belarus SIG Online Newsletter.

We also thank Dr. Smilovitsky for his scholarly contributions to our knowledge about the Jews in Belarus and for his permission to republish the article here.

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Origin of Jewish Last Names

in Turov

by Leonid Smilovitsky, Ph.D., Diaspora Research Center,

Lester & Sally Entin Faculty of the Humanities, Tel Aviv University

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