(No. 5/2006 – May 2006)
Editor: Fran Bock

In 2002, Ruth Wilnai traveled to her grandfather’s birthplace in Ivenets, Belarus. Among her many impressions was a strong sense of the poor condition of the Jewish cemetery, symbolic of the destruction of Jewish life and culture in the region. The idea of cleaning and restoring the cemetery percolated for a couple of years, while resources could be collected for the project. Last year the plan came to fruition when Ruth received from Yuri Dorn, head of the Belarus Jewish religious community and President of the Union of Religious Congregations of Belarus, a list of identifiable names from the tombstones. The list is displayed at the end of her article.


We thank Ruth Wilnai for her efforts to preserve the Jewish heritage of Belarus, and all those who assist and support these projects..


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Hints of Jewish Life – What I Found in Ivenets

by Ruth Wilnai

When I told my family in Israel about my plans to visit Rakow in Belarus, the birthplace of my mother's family, their reactions were mixed. My cousin Michal wanted immediately to join us, while my cousin Nava rejected the idea of going to Belarus, saying her father would never have wanted to go back there.


"His childhood memories were dark and unhappy" she said.


Michal turned out to be an expert about the family history of our parents and grandparents in Belarus.


"If you go to Rakow, you should also go visit Ivenets. Ivenets is the town where our grandfather, David Lifshitz, was born. You should also go through Wolma. Wolma is where my grandfather, Yehuda Lifshitz, was born."


I had never heard about Ivenets and Wolma before the discussion with my cousins. I added the two Shtetls to my list.


In June 2002, my husband Amos, my sister Ora, and I went to Belarus. Our guide’s name was Galina. In the afternoon of our second day in Belarus, we walked through the narrow streets of Ivenets.


We walked up a small sandy hill, covered with green weeds, to the cemetery in Ivenets. Only a few tombstones still stood. Most of the tombstones had collapsed and were buried in the sand long ago. A dirt road crossed the cemetery field. There was no fence around the cemetery. Only small wooden homes stood on the border of the cemetery. We could barely read the inscriptions on the tombstones. The place was deserted.

The narrow road led us toward the synagogue of Ivenets. We looked ahead and saw a double-storied building standing wall-to-wall with a one-story building. Today the structure no longer serves as a synagogue. Today it is a disco hall and cinema for young people. The building looked neglected and dirty. Here and there graffiti stained the outside walls. I walked around the disco hall trying to find a hint of its old meaning.

A special engraved wood column on the corner of the house seemed to be trying to tell us old story: "The house was a distinguished one not a simple one."

With the image of the column filling our minds we entered the hall, a big neglected and deteriorated room. Red, purple paper covered the tall walls. I continued to search for the past. My eyes scanned the walls for unique signs and there it was. The wallpaper on one of the walls had worn out to reveal a layer underneath it. A faint yellow crown and maybe Hebrew letters, Gimel, Dalet, appeared, again telling us: "The house is a distinguished one not a simple one."


No smile crowned our faces when we stepped out the door.

Galina continued to lead us through a short trail between the small huts. Gray wooden fences on both sides of the footpath, behind them there were green vegetable gardens. At the end of the short path, a couple named Kantarovich welcomed us to their home.

Josif Ilych Kantarovich told us that he is originally from Rakow. When he was a child, he went to the Heder there. During WWII, he walked from Wolma to the Urals, about 600 kilometers. There he worked and received many medals. Kantarovich's wife, a small gray haired woman, her dress printed with purple and pink flowers, was from the non-Jewish Baranovskaya family. She was born in Ukraine and lived and worked for a while in Germany

She was quietly proud of having a home with Jewish character. Proudly, she pointed at the big-built in oven "It is a Shabbat's oven."


On top of the closet stood a unique breadbox, shaped as a tiny home with red windows surrounded by sophisticated decoration. Kantarowicz's wife brought it down and described its details.


While Josif Ilych Kantarovich told us a little about his life the atmosphere in the small, well-kept home, became warmer. His wife served us fruit juice and Josif Ilych told us that he wished to be a Rabbi or a cantor. Soon he started singing in his deep elegant voice. His body moved, filled with emotions, his red face glittered like the light of a fire. His hands waved with the rhythm. An image of a chorus's conductor, he stood in front of our eyes. His wife accompanied him in a very modest, quiet whisper. Together they were like the Red Army Choir, singing “Victory Day" to mark the victory over Nazi Germany.

The Victory Day
(Translated from Russian by Genndy Pasechnik)
The Victory Day, it was so distant then,
Like a coal waning in a dying-out fire.
There were burnt dust-covered miles…
We spared no efforts to hasten that day. 
That Victory Day
Smelled with gunpowder,
A feast with graying temples,
Joy with tears in one's eyes.
The Victory Day!
The Victory Day!
The Victory Day!
All day long our Motherland kept awake
Before steel furnaces;
All day long we fought a difficult struggle –
We spared no efforts to hasten that day
Hello, mom, not all of us have returned…
How I'd like to run barefoot over the early dew!
We have crossed half of Europe, half of the globe,

We spared no efforts to hasten that day.

The visit in Ivenets left a tender spot in our heart for the Kantarovich couple but on our way to leave the town Ivenets, we stopped by its valley of the death, an area where the 800 Jewish people of the Ghetto of Ivenets' were slaughtered and buried.

On our way, Galina told us: "People used to say that on hot days, long after the murder and the burial, the earth of the mass graves was shocked. The earth trembled and emitted clouds of steam among the tall tree toward the skies."

It was already late in the afternoon. The sun was going down. The sight of the grave, tall trees around, wild weeds, black engraved memorial board, heavily marked our memory with a symbol of the destruction of Jewish life.

To remember the dear faces of the men, women and children who were murdered, see the following web page:


I am not the first one to tell about a visit to Ivenets. Josef Rubinstein visited Ivenets in 1997 and reported about his visit in the following link:

Scroll down the page to the entry for Ivenets. The cemetery location and its status are detailed in Rubinstein's report.


Florette Lynn visited Ivenets in September 2005 and I am sure she will share her experience with us.


Ivenets' Yizkor book tells us about the synagogue and the Jewish customs in the town.


About two years ago, I started to negotiate with Yuri Dorn, head of the Belarus Jewish community, about Ivenets cemetery. Our immediate goal was to lift and clean the tombstones, to take a clear photo of each one of them, to make a list and a map of the cemetery's tombstones.


Josef Rubinstein and I supported the project.


In the middle of November 2005 I received from Yuri Dorn a CD with 347 photos of tombstones, a list of the inscriptions and a map of the cemetery. About 54 tombstones could not be deciphered.

We thank Yuri Dorn and his organization for performing the project.

The earliest tombstone is from 1812: Simha the son of Yakov 1812

שמחה ב״ר יעקב שנת תקע״ב

The most recent tombstone is from 1940: Noah the son of Leibush Zhivenyaz 26 Tishrey 1940

נח ב״ר לײבוש זיועניאץכ״ו בתשרי שנת ת״ש



About half of the tombstones are from the period of the years 1860 – 1900.


At the end of the current project, the cemetery was cleaned up. During the clean up new tombstones were found. About 40 tombstones were found in the Eastern part of the cemetery. About 30 tombstones were found in two areas where local residents now live. About 20 tombstones were used as a foundation for a woodshed standing not far from the cemetery.


We hope that recovering and deciphering the newly found tombstones will be performed in the spring of 2006.


A meeting is scheduled between Yuri Dorn's organization and Ivenets' Mayor to discuss the preservation of the cemetery by the town.


A future goal, which cost more money, is to fence the cemetery. A plan for constructing the fence already exists. There were efforts in the past to raise money for the fence, but they failed.


I thank my daughter Sigal Tzur, my sister Ora Kuller and David Fox for reading and drawing my attention to correct details.


I thank my husband Amos Wilnai, Ora Kuller and David Fox for the photos.


I thank Bruno Mir for finding the text of Red Army Victory Song.


I thank Genndy Pasechnik, Tel Aviv University for translating the Victory Song into English.



Below you will find the list of names on the tombstones:



Sarah the daughter of Shlomo-Zalman

שרה ב״ר שלמה זלמן

Abraham the son of Shmuel

אברהם ב״ר שמואל



Hana-Feyga daughter of Shalom נה פײגע ב״ר שלום

Sarah the daughter Shmuel

שרה ב״ר שמואל

Sholem the son of Herz

שולם ב״ר הרץ

Izhak-Ayzik the son of Chaim

יצחק אײזיק ב״ר חײם

Hana-Ita the daughter of Menahem-Mendel-Yehuda

חנה איטה ב״ר מנחם מנדיל יהודא

Haya-Golda the daughter of Meir

חיה גאלדע ב״ר מאיר

Izhak-Ayzik the son of Yosef

יצחק אײזק ב״ר יוסף

Efraim-Zeev the son of Yehuda

אפרם זאב ב״ר יהודא

Of Chaim Pesah

חיים פסח

Yosef the son of Abraham

יוסף ב״ר אברהם


-ב״ר חײם

Mordehay the son of Mendel

מרדכי ב״ר מענדיל

Rivka the daughter of Moshe

רבקה ב״ר משה

Hana the daughter of Izhak-Herz

חנה ב״ר יצחק הרץ

Yehizkel-Zvi the son of Zeev

יחיזקאל צבי ב״ר זאב

Abraham the son of Izhak

אברהם ב״ר יצחק

Mordehay the son of Yehoshua

מרדכי ב״ר יהושע

Moshe-Reuven the son of Shaul

משה ראובן ב״ר שאול

Shlomo the son of Mordehay

שלמה ב״ר מרדכי

Rasya the daughter of Reuven haLevi

ראשי ב״ר ראובן הלוי

Izhak the son of –

יצחק ב״ר -

Dina the daughter of –

דינה ב״ר -

Moshe the son of Shimeon

משה ב״ר שמעון

Beyla the daughter of Reuven

בײלא ב״ר ראובן

Reuven the son of Zalman

ראובן ב״ר זלמן

Sarah the daughter of Kopil

שארה ב״ר קאפל

Of Reuven

ב״ר ראובן

Sarah the daughter of Eli

שרה ב״ר אלי

Sarah the daughter of Shabtay

שרה ב״ר שבתי

Sarah the daughter of Yosef

שרה ב״ר יוסף

Hana the daughter of Yosef

חנה ב״ר יוסף

Shalom the son of Moshe

שלום ב״ר משה

Sarah the daughter of Yosef

שרה ב״ר יוסף

Dvora the daughter of Moshe

דבורה ב״ר משה

Rivka the daughter of Faybish

רבקה ב״ר פײװיש


ב״ר שאול

Shalom the son of Chaim

שלום ב״ר חײם

Kopil the son of –

קאפל ב״ר-

Yosef the son of Mordehay

יוסף ב״ר מרדכי

Dobe the daughter of Mordehay-Zvi

דובע ב״ר מרדכי צבי

Izhak the son of Zalman

יצחק ב״ר זלמן

Feyga the daughter of Moshe

פײגע ב״ר משה

Fishke daughter of Yakov

פישקע ב״ר יעקב

Meir-Pesah the son of Lipman

מאיר פסח ב״ר ליפמן

Braha the daughter of Avigdor

ברכה ב״ר אביגדור

Malka daughter of Baruh

מלכא ב״ר ברוך

Simha the son of Yakov

שמחה ב״ר יעקב

Pesya daughter of Abraham

פסיה ב״ר אברהם

Yehuda-Leyb the son of Tuvin

יהודא ליב ב״ר טואבין

Rivka the daughter of Faibish

רבקה ב״ר פײויש

Elikum the sun of Tuvin

אליקום ב״ר טובין

Ar’e-Leyb the son of Avigdor

אריה ליב ב״ר אביגדור

Moshe the son of Noah Nahum

משה ב״ר נח נחום

Freyda the daughter of Dov-Beer

פרײדע ב״ר דוב בער

Yehiel-Mihl the son of Faibish

יחיאל מיכל ב״ר פײװיש

Shmuel the son of Yehuda-Leyb

שמואל ב״ריהודא ליב

Hana the daughter of Ziskin

חנה ב״ר זיסקין

Meir-Abraham the son of Yakov Rolnik

מאיר אברהם ב״ר יעקב ראלניק

Faybish the son of Meir

פיװש ב״ר מאיר

Eliezer the son of Hirz Sheyf

אליעזר ב״ר הירץ שיף

Hoda the daughter of - -Mendel

האדע ״ר- מנדיל

Israel Ever the son of Meir

ישראל עװר ב״ר מאיר

Zvi the son of Mordehay

צבי ב״ר מרדכי

Zeyta the daughter of Yehoshua

צײטע ב״ר יהושע

Israel the son of Izhak Kaz

ישראל ב״ר יצחק כ״ץ

Yedidy the son of Yosef Kuznez

ידידי ב״ר יוסף קוזנעץ

Eshke the daughter of Yehuda-Leib

עשקע ב״ר יהודא ליב

Yehuda-Leib the son of Shimeon

יהודא ליב ב״ר שמעון

Nehem’ya the son of Ar’e

נחמיה ב״ר אריה

Fruma-Beila the daughter of Moshe

פרומע בײלה ב״ר משה

Abraham the son of Tuviya

אברהם ב״ר טוביה

Pesy the daughter of Tuviya

פעשי ב״ר טוביה

Moshe the son of Shlomo

משה ב״ר שלמה

Reytha the daughter of Moshe

רײזה ב״ר משה

Golde the daughter of David

גאלדע ב״ר דוד

Basya the daughter of Izhak

באשע ב״ר יצחק

Faibish the son of Abraham-Zvi Kin

פײוש ב״ר אברהם צבי כין

Kopil the son of Yehuda

קאפיל ב״ר יהודא

Ziv’ya the daughter of Israel

ציבי ב״ר ישראל

Nehama the daughter of Menashe

נחמה ב״ר מנשה

Dinka the daughter of Yosef

דינקע ב״ר יוסף

Feyga-Reyzil the daughter of Yehiel-Mihl

פײגה רײזיל ב״ר יחיאל מיכל

Hava the daughter of Chaim

חוה ב״ר חײם

Zvi the son of Eli

צבי ב״ר אלי

Yoel the son of Aharon

יואל ב״ר אהרן

Ester the daughter of Meir

אסתר ב״ר מאיר

Reythil the daughter of Leib

רײזיל ב״ר ליב

Mar’yashe the daughter of Yehiel

מראשע ב״ר יחיאל

Hana-Feiga the daughter of Meshulem Kaz

חנה פײגע ב״ר משולם כ״ץ

Dobe the daughter of Yakov

דאבע ב״ר יעקב

Sarah the daughter of Moshe

שרה ב״ר משה

Toibe-Lebe the daughter of Nisan

טעיבע ליבע ב״ר ניסן

Koyfman the son of Chaim haLevi

כויפמאן ב״ר חײם הלוי

Shlomo the son of Ar’e

שלמה ב״ר ארי

Leya the daughter of Yakov

לאה ב״ר יעקב

Abraham the son of Chaim

אברהם ב״ר חײם

Rivka the daughter of Eli

רבקה ב״ר אלי

Israel-Aharon the son of Meshulem

ישראל אהרן ב״ר משולם

H’ena the daughter of Moshe

חײענה ב״ר משה

Musya Maza the daughter of Shalom

מושע מצע ב״ר שלום

Kreyna-Leya the daughter of Shlomo

קרײנע לאה ב״ר שלמה

Masya the daughter of Abraham

משע ב״ר אברהם

Haya the daughter of Mordehay

חײה ב״ר מרדכי

Israel-Shmuel the son of Moshe

ישראל שמואל ב״ר משה

Izhak the son of Eli

יצחק ב״ר אלי

Yehithkel-Chaim the son of Moshe

יחיזקל חײם ב״ר משה

Tuv’ya the son of Izhak

טוביה ב״ר יצחק

Feya-Rasya the daughter of Mihl-Moshe

פאיה ראשע ב״ר מיכל משה

Sarah the daughter of Izhak Ovseevich

שרה ב״ר יצחק אװסיאװיץ

Sarah the daughter of Meshulem

שרה ב״ר משולם

Masya the daughter of Zvi-Dov

מאשה ב״ר צבי דוב

Zvi-Dov the son of Yedidi

צבי דוב ב״ר ידידי

Zeidna the daughter of Yakov

צעדנע ב״ר יעקב

Yosef the son of Gershon Rolnik

יוסף ב״ר גרשון ראלניק

Hana-Toybe Kuznets the daughter of Zvi-Hirsh

חנה טובע קוזנעץ ב״ר צבי הירש

Rishke the daughter of Yakov

רישקע ב״ר יעקב

Feiga- - the daughter of Shlomo

פײגע - ב״ר שלמה

Sarah the daughter of Yakov

שרה ב״ר יעקב

Haya the daughter of Yosef

חיה ב״ר יוסף

Leya Kuznets the daughter of Israel-Shmuel

לאה קוזנעץ ב״ר ישראל שמואל

Eliezer the son of Shraga

אליעזר ב״ר שרגא

Nahum the son of David haKohen

נחום ב״ר דוד הכהן

Shmuel the son of Yakov Golub

שמואל ב״ר יעקב גאלוב

Ben’yamin the son of Zeev-Wolf

בנימין ב״ר זאב װאלף

Rivka the daughter of Gotlib

רבקה ב״ר גאטליב

Izhak the son of Shazar

יצחק ב״ר שזר

Feiga the daughter of – Eli

פײגע ב״ר- אלי

The daughter of Shlomo

בת ר׳ שלמה

Kalman the son of Shlomo

קלמן ב״ר שלמה



Moshe the son of Zvi

משה ב״ר צבי

Haya the daughter of Elieyther

חײ ב״ר אליעזר

Feiga the daughter of Mordehay

פײגע ב״ר מרדכי

Mihl-Moshe the son of Asher

מיכל משה ב״ר אשר

Sarah-Feigel the daughter of Aharon

שרה פײגיל ב״ר אהרן

Malka the daughter of Zvi

מלכה ב״ר צבי

Shifra the daughter of Moshe

שפרה ב״ר משה

Simha the son of Mordehay

שמחה ב״ר מרדכי

Yosef the son of Yakov

יוסף ב״ר יעקב

Moshe-Zvi the son of Eli

משה צבי ב״ר אלי

Abraham - -

אברהם- -

Masya the daughter of David

מאשה ב״ר דוד




- משה

Haya –

חײה -

Toibe the daughter of Yosef

טויבע ב״ר יוסף

Rivka the daughter of Yakov

רבקה ב״ר יעקב

Hana the daughter of Shlomo

חנה ב״רשלמה

Haya the daughter of Aharon

חײ ב״ר אהרן

Leib the son of Moshe

ליב ב״ר משה

Yehiel-Mihl the son of Benyamin

יחיאל מיכל ב״ר בנימין

Shmuel the son of Menahem

שמואל ב״ר מנחם

Izhak the son of Elieyzer

יחק ב״ר אליעזר

Moshe the son of Yosef-Yakov

משה ב״ר יוסף יעקב

Yakov the son of Baruh

יעקב ב״ר ברוך ברוך

Yehiel the son of Moshe

יחיאל ב״ר משה

Sarah-Zirra the daughter of Abraham-Leib

שרה צירה ב״ר אברהם ליב

Ita-Leya the daughter of Aharon

איטע לאה ב״ר אהרן

Moshe-Yona the son of Reuven Sagalovich

משה יונה ב״ר ראובן סאגאלאװיץ

Reuven the son of Noah haLevi

ראובן ב״ר נח הלוי

the son of Moshe

ב״ר משה

Mina the daughter of Nahum

מינע ב״ר נחום

Eliezer the son of Izhak

אליעזר ב״ר יצחק

Fruma the daughter of Eliezer

פרומע ב״ר אליעזר

Esther the daughter of Asher

אסתר ב״ר אשר

Zvi the son of Aharon

צבי ב״ר אהרן

Israel the son of Izhak

ישראל ב״ר יצחק

Maryashe the daughter of Aharon

מראישע ב״ר אהרן

Zera the daughter of Izhak-Efraim

צרע ב״ר יצחק אפרים

Hanoh the sun of –

חנוך ״ר-

Moshe –


Zeev the sun of Zvi

זאב ב״ר צבי

Esther the daughter of Meir

אסתר ב״ר מאיר

Rina the daughter of Abraham

רינע ב״ר אברהם

Dvora the daughter of Eliyahu

דבורה ב״ר אליהו

Leya the daughter of Zvi

לאה ב״ר צבי

Haya –


Zadok the son of Zerah

צדוק ב״ר זרח

Abraham the son of Zvi

אברהם ב״ר צבי

Yehuda the son of Shmuel

יהודא ב״ר שמואל

Baruh-Abraham the son of Aharon

ברוך אברהם ב״ר אהרן

Dvorka the daughter of Natan

דבורקע ב״ר נתן

Etka-Gita the daughter of Eli

עטקה גיטה ב״ר אלי

Mir’yam the daughter of Meshulem-Faybish haKohen

מרים ב״ר משולם פײביש הכהן

Riva the daughter of Zvi

רבה ב״ר צבי

Esther-Hasya the daughter of Asher

אסתר חשע ב״ר אשר

Natan the son of Asher

נתן ב״ר אשר

Moshe-Gilel the son of Yehuda-Leyb

משה הלל ב״ר יהודא ליב

Moshe –


Yehuda the son of Yehiel

יהודא ב״ר יחיאל

Rivka the daughter of Shimshon

רבקה ב״ר שמשן

Leya the daughter of Izhak

לאה ב״ר יצחק

Yakov the son of Ar’e

יעקב ב״ר ארי

Daniel the son of Moshe

דאניאל ב״ר משה

Rivka the daughter of Moshe

רבקה ב״ר משה

Keyla the daughter of Zvi

קײלא ב״ר צבי

Beyla-Dvora the daughter of Aharon-Zelig

בײלא דבורה ב״ר אהרן זעליג

Sarah-Zira the daughter of Izhak-Aythik

שרה צירה ב״ר יצחק אײזיק

Haya the daughter of Abraham

חײ ב״ר אברהם

Bat’ya - the daughter of Yehuda

בתי - ב״ר יהודא

Relya the daughter of Izhak

רעלא ב״ר יצחק

Mihal the daughter of Moshe

מיכל ב״ר משה

Zisya-Malka the daughter of Yakov-Mordehay

זיסא מלכה ב״ר יעקב מרדכי

Hasya the daughter of Abraham

חסיא ב״ר אברהם

Zvi the son of Abraham

צבי ב״ר אברהם

Moshe the son of Zvi

משה ב״ר צבי

Shlomo the son of Yehuda

שלמה ב״ר יהודה

Yosef the son of Yoel

יוסף ב״ר יואל

Mordehay-Zvi the son of Abraham

מרדכי צבי ב״ר אברהם

Mordehay the son of Dov-Beer

מרדכי ב״ר דוב בער

Yakov the son of Zvi

יעקב ב״ר צבי

Shaul the son of Yakov-Zeev

שאול ב״ר יעקב זאב

Sarah the daughter of Shlomo

שרה ב״ר שלמה

Frada-Zerna the daughter of Tuv’ya

פראדע צערנע ב״ר טובי

Zira the daughter of Asher

צירע ב״ר אשר

Moshe the son of Yakov

משה ב״ר יעקב

Gita the daughter of Ar’e-Leib

גטע ב״ר ארי ליב

Zvi-Yehuda the son of Moshe-Noah

צבי יהודא ב״ר משה נח

Reuven the son of Moshe

ראובן ב״ר משה

Menahem the son of Yehuda-Leib

מנחם ב״ר יהודא ליב

Sheina the daughter of Simha

שײנה ב״ר שמחה

Reizil the daughter of Israel

רײזל ב״ר ישראל

Faybush the son of Shabnay haLevi

פײבוש ב״ר שבתי הלוי

Hilel the son of Meir

הלל ב״ר מאיר

Sheina the daughter of –

שײנה ב״ר -

Shifra the daughter of Shalom

שפרה ב״ר שלום

Feiga Malchik the daughter of Eliezer Lipman

פײגע מאלטשיק ב״ר אליעזר ליפמאן

Leya Shapira the daughter of Israel-Yakov

לאה שאפירא ב״ר ישראל יעקב

Elke the daughter of Yosef

עלקע ב״ר יוסף

Dina Reznik the daughter of Asher

דינה רעזניק ב״ר אשר

Zeev the son of Moshe

זאב ב״ר משה

Abraham-Izhak the son of Yehuda

אברהם יצחק ב״ר יהודא

Meshulem-Yakov the son of Yehuda

משולם יעקב ב״ר יהודא

Yosef the son of David

יוסף ב״ר דוד

Dreiza the daughter of Yakov

דרײזע ב״ר יעקב

Malka-Leya the daughter of Yakov

מלכה לאה ב״ר יעקב

Shifra the daughter of Shalom

שיפרא ב״ר שלום

Shalom the son of Zvi-Mihl

שלום ב״ר צבי מיכל

Shimeon the son of David

שמעון ב״ר דוד

Yosef-Meir the son of Yakov

יוסף מאיר ב״ר יעקב

Risya the daughter of Leib

רישע ב״ר ליב

Yahna the daughter of Yedidi

יאחנה ב״ר ידידי

Liba the daughter of Yehuda-Leib

ליבה ב״ר יהודא ליב

Sarah Chernin the daughter of Mordehay-Zelig

שרה צערנין ב״ר מרדכי זעליג

Haya Okun the daughter of Yehuda-Leib

חיה אקון ב״ר יהודה ליב

Reuven the son of David

ראובן ב״ר דוד

Zvi the son of Abraham

צבי ב״ר אברהם

Asher-Shlomo the son of Hilel

אשר שלמה ב״ר הלל

Asher the son of Yakov

אשר ב״ר יעקב


ב״ר יצחק

Gita the daughter of Yehuda

גיטע ב״ר יודה

Esther-Leya the daughter of Yehoshua-Heshel

אסתר לאה ב״ר יהושע העשיל

Rahel-Leya the daughter of Gershon

רחל לאה ב״ר גרשון

Rivka the daughter of Chaim-Mihal

רבקה ב״ר חײם מיכאל

Abraham-Yosef the son of Israel

אברהם יוסף ב״ר ישראל

Sheyna-Kreida the daughter of Izhak-Noah

Asher Izhak the son of Meshulem the son of Avraham

אשר יחק ב״ר משולם ב״ר אברהם

Yakov-Mordehay the son of Bezalel

יעקב מרדכי ב״ר בצאלל

Shlomo the son of David

שלמה ב״ר דוד

Izhak-Leyb the sun of Moshe

יצחק ליב ב״ר משה

Shmari the son of Shlomo

שמרי׳ ב״ר שלמה

Eli-Shlomo the son of Meir

אלי שלמה ב״ר מאיר

David the son of Reuven

דוד ב״ר ראובן

Elieizer the son of Moshe-Yehuda

אליעזר ב״ר משה יהודא

Israel the son of Yosef

ישראלב״ר יוסף

Esther the daughter of Dov-Ber

אסתר ב״ר דוב בער

Gita the daughter of Shlomo

גיטעה ב״ר שלמה

Shimke the daughter of Yehuda-Haim

שימקע ב״ר יהודא חײם

Mashke the daughter of Shmuel

משקע ב״ר שמואל

Sheyna-Freyda the daughter of David

שײנע פרײדע ב״ר דוד

Chaim the son of Shalom

חײם ב״ר שלום

Yakov the son of Chaim

יעקב ב״ר חײם



Kalman the son of Moshe

קאלמאן ב״ר משה

Noah the son of Leibush Zhivenyaz

נח ב״ר לײבוש זיועניאץ

Toybe the daughter of Moshe

טאיבע ב״ר משה

Sarah the daughter of Benyamin

שרה ב״ר בנימין

Liba-Reiza the daughter of Shaul

ליבע רײזע ב״ר שאול

Yehuda-Leib the son of Eli

יהודא ליב ב״ר אלי

Abraham the son of Yakov Yazkever

אברהם ב״ר יעקב יאצקעװער

Thelde the daughter of Benyamin

זעלדע ב״ר בנימין

Moshe the son of Abraham

משה ב״ר ברהם

Hana-Hasya the daughter of Betuel Yosef Kaz

חנה חסי ב״ר בתואל יוסף כ״ץ

Hava Zives the daughter of Simha

חוה ציװעס ב״ר שמחה

Haya the daughter of Shimeon

חײה ב״ר שמעון

Eshke the daughter of Israel

עשקע ב״ר ישראל

Abraham the son of Yehuda-Leib Fridlyand

אברהם ב״ר יהודאליב פרידליאנד

Leib the son of Moshe Rethnik

ליב ב״ר משה רעזניק

Zvi the son of Mordehay Orlik

צבי ב״ר מרדכי ארליק

Musya Orlik the daughter of Kalman

מושא ארליק ב״ר קלמאן

Yakov Shlomo the sun of Shimeon

יעקב שלמה ב״ר שמעון

Ar’e-Leib the son of Neham. Chernik

ארי ליב ב״ר נחמ׳ צערניק

Dina-Esther the daughter of Moshe-Mordehay Alperovich

דינה אסתר ב״ר משה מרדכי אלפעראװיץ

Shalom-Noah the son of Abraham Alperovich

שלום נח ב״ר אברהם אלפעראװיץ

Shmuel-Aharon the son of Izhak

שמואל אהרן ב״ר יצחק

Frume the daughter of Abraham Izhak Kaz

פרומע ב״ר ברהם יצחק כץ

Dvora Rayhelson the daughter of Moshe-Noah

דבורה ראיכעלסאן ב״ר משה נח































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