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Mozirer Aid Society

(Mozyr, Mozyr uezd, Minsk gubernia, Latitude: 5203' Longitude: 2916')

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

While searching through the RG 123 archive files at YIVO which contains the odds and ends of landsmanshaften, I came across a Mozirer Aid Society calendar [1967] and couldn't conceive of why it rated a folder.  Idly turning over the calendar I noted that the last two pages contained a membership list.  The value of names in a context is what motivates this research and you may witness this list taken from the back of the calendar.  Please note that the names came with complete mailing addresses.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
SURNAME Given name City care of Organization
ALBERT Simon New York City    
ARKIN Harry Bronx    
ATLAS Irving New York City    
ATLAS Nathan New York City    
AXEL Joseph Brooklyn    
BARST Jack Matawan, NJ    
BEREGOWITZ Morris Brooklyn    
BERNSTEIN Charles Brooklyn.    
BIELAWSKY Sarah Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
BLACKOWITZ David Bronx    
BLATT Jack Bronx    
BLUEFIELD Lena Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
BOLTAX Jacob New Haven, CT    
BRANFIELD Max Panorama City, CA    
BRASLOW Philip Bronx    
BREES B Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
BREITMAN David Bronx    
BURMAN Jacob Bronx    
BURMAN Sol Levittown, NY    
CHAKOFSKY Louis New York City    
CHANIN Mollie Bronx c/o Taylor Ladies Auxiliary
CHERNOW Rebecca Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
CHERRY Nat Brooklyn    
COHEN Dora Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
COHEN Fannie Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
COOPER Benjamin Brooklyn    
DAVID Dave Brooklyn    
DESLER Isadore Bronx    
DIAMOND Joseph Brooklyn    
DOBKIN Herman Queens    
DOLGOW Rose Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
DOLNICK Bertha Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
EDELSON Hyman Bronx    
EISENMAN Sol Miami Beach, FLA    
FEDER Ida Brooklyn c/oI Feder Ladies Auxiliary
FEDER Irving Long Beach, Long Island    
FEINMAN Joseph Long Island City, NY    
FERGENBAUM [?] Morris Brooklyn c/o Goldstein  
FISHER Sam Bronx    
FREIDMAN Harry New York City    
FREIDMAN Jack Bronx    
FURMAN Fay Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
GARRAWAY Anna Jamaica, Long Island   Ladies Auxiliary
GASMAN Abr Bronx    
GASMAN Anna New York City c/o Kaye Ladies Auxiliary
GASMAN M New York City c/o Gruber Ladies Auxiliary
GASMAN Murray New York City    
GLASER Isadore Norfolk, VA    
GLAUBER Sam Brooklyn    
GOGEL Yetta Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
GOLDSTEIN Minnie Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
GOODMAN Sam Brooklyn    
GORELICK Racheal ? Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
GREENSPAN David Bronx    
GRUSHKIN Philip Engelwood, NJ    
GRUSHKIN Sam Brooklyn    
HACK Morris Brooklyn    
HELLMAN Dors New York City   Ladies Auxiliary
HOCKMAN Claire Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
HOFSTEIN Anna Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
HOLLANDER Meyer Brooklyn    
HOROWITZ Sylvia Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
HYMAN Albert Brooklyn    
JARRIS Abe Brooklyn    
JEFFER Norman Brooklyn    
JOHNPOL Benjamin New York City    
KANTROWITZ Louis Bronx    
KAPAROWSKY Max Brooklyn    
KAPAROWSKY Philip Brooklyn    
KAPLAN H Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
KAPLAN Louis Cranston, RI    
KARAN Joseph Arverne, Long Island    
KATZ Morris Brooklyn    
KLEIN Jesse Flushing    
KLEIN Sol Brooklyn    
KLENOFSKY Gert Jamaica, Long Island   Ladies Auxiliary
KOTICK Harry Brooklyn    
KOTICK Henry Brooklyn    
KRAVITZ Rose Jamaica, Long Island   Ladies Auxiliary
KRUHMAN Isaac Bronx    
KUZNESOFF William Brooklyn c/oPearlman  
LEIFRT Fannie New York City   Ladies Auxiliary
LERMAN Max Bronx    
LEVINE Joseph Brooklyn    
MANCHYK Anna New York City c/o Weiner Ladies Auxiliary
MEDNICK Harry Brooklyn    
METZER Claire Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
MEYER Tillie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
MEYERSON Tillie Brooklyn c/o Einhorn Ladies Auxiliary
MILLER Bessie New York City c/o Hansen Ladies Auxiliary
MILLMAN Louis Brooklyn    
MILNER Aaron Brooklyn    
MITTLEMAN Michel Brooklyn    
MOSKOLIK Sadie Bronx c/o Greenfield Ladies Auxiliary
MURAVCHICK A Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
PALLEY Joshua Brooklyn    
PILCHIK Mollie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
PORTNOY Ida Eastchester, NY   Ladies Auxiliary
RASKIN Sarah Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
REISBERG Chas Brooklyn    
RIVAKOFF   Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
ROSEN Beckie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
SAFION Jeannie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
SAPALOFF Jack Bronx    
SAROWITZ Minnie Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
SAUER Joseph Bronx    
SCHANKMAN Meyer Brooklyn    
SCHER Betty Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
SCHLAGMAN M Esat Meadow, NY   Ladies Auxiliary
SCHNEE Henry Brooklyn    
SCHNEIDER Leon Brooklyn    
SCHNEIDER Rev Hyman Bronx    
SCHNITMAN Minnie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
SCHWARTZ B Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
SEIGLEMAN[?] Abe Bronx    
SHAPIRO Alex Brooklyn    
SHERMAN Beckie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
SHLAGMAN Hyman East Meadow, Long Island    
SHORE Annie Brooklyn c/o Eisman Ladies Auxiliary
SHORE Morris Bronx    
SHORE Nathan Bronx    
SHULAK M Forest Hills, Long Island   Ladies Auxiliary
SHULMAN Lena Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
SHUTMAN Sam Bronx    
SILVER Jack Brooklyn    
SILVERBERG Bessie Hempstead, Long Island   Ladies Auxiliary
SLAPIKOFF David Miami, FL    
SMITH Harry Brooklyn    
SOODAK Louis Brooklyn    
SOSNOWSKY Jacob New York City c/oGoulden  
STECKLER Irving Brooklyn    
TERENS Benj Bronx    
TREISTER Louis Brooklyn    
TUCKMAN Mollie Miami Beach, FL   Ladies Auxiliary
USPRICH Rachael Brooklyn   Ladies Auxiliary
WAXMAN Annette New Rochelle, NY   Ladies Auxiliary
WAXMAN Betty Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
WEINBAUM Joseph Bronx    
WEINER Max East Meadow, Long Island    
WEISSMAN Louis Brooklyn    
WEISSMAN Sarah Bayside, NY   Ladies Auxiliary
WOLIN Saul Brooklyn    
WOLINSKY Fannie Bronx   Ladies Auxiliary
ZELENKO Barnet New York City
ZELENKO Herbert New York City
ZELENKO Morris Whitestone

2003 Belarus SIG