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Lieder Brothers Benevolent Association

(Lida, Lida uyezd, Vilna-Grodno gubernia)

Contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

I have a tendency to jump to conclusions. When I first saw this name I imagined two nice brothers who founded this organization. Reading one of the letters to the membership I noted that they referred to the town of Lida. The volunteers with whom I work all Litvaks from Vilna identified it as a town in Lithuania with a famous prison. Just to be safe I checked with my old standby "Where Once We Walked". Sure enough the shifting borders of the pale placed it in Belarus. Unfortunately it was the scene of the mass murder of our landsmen by the Nazis during WW II.

The first list of names was circa 1990, the first list sometime, I guess, in the 1950's.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
SurnameGiven nameTownSource
Aaron Bros  Reserved Graves
Aaronoff ?Mrs D Reserved Graves
AbramsonL Reserved Graves
AlexanderS Reserved Graves
AllbachH Reserved Graves
AlpertSimonNYCList 1
ArpinMorris Reserved Graves
BanxMrs Sadie Reserved Graves
BeckerD Reserved Graves
BeckerMrs Rose Reserved Graves
BelitzkyT or J Reserved Graves
BenjaminAnna Reserved Graves
BermanA Reserved Graves
BlissPh Reserved Graves
BlissPhilipMiami Beach FlaList 1
BlissSamuelFlushing NYList 1
BlockElizabeth Reserved Graves
BlockMrs Barnet Reserved Graves
BloomfieldMrs Reserved Graves
BloomgoldMrs A Reserved Graves
BocksteinSarah and Max Reserved Graves
ClasinT Reserved Graves
CohenA Reserved Graves
CohenBessie Reserved Graves
CohenDavid Reserved Graves
CohenMts A Reserved Graves
CohenSamuelHoward Beach NYList 1
CohenSamuel Reserved Graves
ColemeanC Reserved Graves
DavidowitzMrs Reserved Graves
DavisMrs Ida Reserved Graves
DebrinskyMrs Reserved Graves
DreebenMiriam Reserved Graves
DreebenMrs H Reserved Graves
DubchanskyMorris Reserved Graves
DworetzkyMys Mollie Reserved Graves
ElliottElyDelray Beach FlaList 1
Elson  Reserved Graves
Engel  Reserved Graves
EpsteinFred Reserved Graves
EvelsteinLouis Reserved Graves
FrankSarah Reserved Graves
FreedmanMrs J Reserved Graves
Gelfen  Reserved Graves
GershenI Reserved Graves
GinsbergMrs Reserved Graves
GitlinMr and Mrs Reserved Graves
GoberMaxBxList 1
Gober  Reserved Graves
GoldenAlbert Reserved Graves
GoldinB Reserved Graves
GoldinMichael Reserved Graves
GoldmanMrs Kate Reserved Graves
GoldsmithJosephBklynList 1
GoldsmithJoseph Reserved Graves
GoldsmithSimonBklynList 1
GoldsteinJ Reserved Graves
GoldsteinMrs Reserved Graves
GussowJ Reserved Graves
HabermanN Reserved Graves
HortonSol Reserved Graves
IsraelCharles Reserved Graves
IsraelHarryHicksville NYList 1
IsraelHarry Reserved Graves
ItkinMrs Anna Reserved Graves
JefferNormanBklynList 1
JelinekWmLauderhill FlaList 1
Johnson  Reserved Graves
JosephMary Reserved Graves
KalmanowitzM Reserved Graves
KanerVictor Reserved Graves
KaplanDr E Reserved Graves
Kappelman  Reserved Graves
KarasickYettie Reserved Graves
KarltonSidneyPlantationList 1
KarshanBarnet Reserved Graves
KarsonDr S H Reserved Graves
Karson J I  Reserved Graves
KashinSam Reserved Graves
KatzMrs M Reserved Graves
Knashriansk  Reserved Graves
KoppelmanS Reserved Graves
LaskyAaronBklynList 1
LazamarkH Reserved Graves
LazowskiJoeMiami Beach FlaList 1
LeffmanMrs Bessie Reserved Graves
LeibLouisBklynList 1
LeibowitzMrs M Reserved Graves
LesserSolNYCList 1
LevineMrs Reserved Graves
LevinsonBarney Reserved Graves
LevyA Reserved Graves
LevyBenjBoca Raton FlaList 1
LevyMax Reserved Graves
LevyMrs Reserved Graves
LevyMrs J Reserved Graves
LieberHowardBxList 1
LipkinSamuelList 1
LipkinSarah Reserved Graves
LippmanDr A JWestmont NJList 1
LippmanJ Reserved Graves
LippmanLeoHallandale FlaList 1
LitowitzJoseph Reserved Graves
LittellH M Reserved Graves
LittellRobertW Hempstead NYList 1
LitzkyS Reserved Graves
LubetskySam Reserved Graves
MachetMiltonBklynList 1
ManitelM Reserved Graves
MarksShermanNYCList 1
MillerDonaldOceanside NYList 1
MollCh Reserved Graves
MorrisMrs Mannie Reserved Graves
MorrisR Reserved Graves
NeehinClara Reserved Graves
NovackCharles Reserved Graves
NovackJacob Reserved Graves
NovackJacob Reserved Graves
NovickEtta Reserved Graves
OwaroffMrs D Reserved Graves
PadolfMrs J Reserved Graves
ParkerMax Reserved Graves
PerlmanBenj Reserved Graves
PerlmanJulius Reserved Graves
PermanSam Reserved Graves
PopkinBarnet Reserved Graves
PopkinCh Reserved Graves
PopkinElias Reserved Graves
PopkinIrwin Reserved Graves
PopkinLouis Reserved Graves
PopkinMorris Reserved Graves
PrinceDr Reserved Graves
PrinceDr DJLauderdale Lake FlaList 1
RabinowitzJacobHartsdale NYList 1
RodzmiskyMark Reserved Graves
RosenMrs Yetta Reserved Graves
RosenbergMrs Reserved Graves
RosenbloomMorris Reserved Graves
RosensteinMrs R Reserved Graves
RubinBessie Reserved Graves
RubinWilliamBelmont MAList 1
SachsBessie Reserved Graves
SalsteinMrs A Reserved Graves
SchlossbergSilvia Reserved Graves
SchmucklerJoe Reserved Graves
SchmucklerSam Reserved Graves
SchneiderMax Reserved Graves
SeebolMrs Isaac Reserved Graves
Shabisers  Reserved Graves
ShakelsAbe Reserved Graves
ShakelsDaniel Reserved Graves
ShermanBerhard Reserved Graves
ShermanLouisForrest Pk IllList 1
ShermanLouis and Morris Reserved Graves
ShermanMrs Isidor Reserved Graves
ShermanShirley Reserved Graves
ShlossbergNoah Reserved Graves
ShneiderNathan Reserved Graves
ShultzBessie Reserved Graves
SiderJ Reserved Graves
SiegelSadie Reserved Graves
SlutzkyMts J Reserved Graves
StarkJoseph Reserved Graves
StoneMax Reserved Graves
TawshunskyN Reserved Graves
Van BlerkomBeth and Peall Reserved Graves
WeinerMiltonBklynList 1
ZarretskyDavidBxList 1

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