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Kamenets Litowsker Memorial Committee, 1963-1968

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

The Kamenets Committee was organized to organize and publish a memorial book.  They left a bound copy of the book written in English and Yiddish.  The other purpose of the committee was to coordinate their charitable groups.  Minutes in unbound pages written in Yiddish were left in the box. The names of the membership were gleaned from official papers of the committee. The YIVO Landsmanshaften architects made researching a pleasant and trouble free experience. The town of Zastavie was mentioned as part of the organization.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".

Surname Given name Title within organization
Schudroff Abraham President
Mendelson Hyman Vice President
Kustin William Vice President
Rubin Hyman Vice President
Wisotzky Myer Vice President
Savitzky Sidney Vice President
Horowitz Sarah Corresponding Secretary
Kagan  Charles Recording Secretary
Goldberg Irene Financial Secretaries
Schoenfeld Alvin Financial Secretaries
Goldberg Issie Treasurer
Gers Mr and Mrs H Executive Committee
Lipchik Mr and Mrs Sam Executive Committee
Post Mr and Mrs J Executive Committee
Pansky Mrs D Executive Committee
Tendler Mr and Mrs B Executive Committee
Golumb Mr and Mrs J Executive Committee
Schoenfeld Mrs A Executive Committee
Wisotzky Mrs S Executive Committee
Topolsky Mr and Mrs V Executive Committee
Melnitzky Mr and Mrs Sam Executive Committee
Appelman Mrs B Executive Committee
Siegel Mrs M Executive Committee
Schmuckler Mrs H Executive Committee
Eisner Mrs Executive Committee
Rosen Mr and Mrs H Executive Committee
Jaffe Mr J Executive Committee
Gershuny Y Rabbi
Brobovsky J Rabbi
Aberman Mrs N Committee
Ashkenazi Mr and Mrs Committee
Chait Mr and Mrs E Committee
Dimitrovsky Mrs E Committee
Eiser Mr and Mrs Committee
Eizner Mr and Mrs Committee
Frederick Mrs L Committee
Feinberg Mr and Mrs Committee
Fux Mrs S Committee
Glazer Mr and Mrs Sam Committee
Goldstein Mr and Mrs Ph Committee
Greenman Mr and Mrs H Committee
Greenblatt Mr and Mrs I Committee
Gewirtman Mr and Mrs I Committee
Goldin Mrs C Committee
Horowitz Mr and Mrs L Committee
Horowitz Mr and Mrs Ph Committee
Halpern Mr and Mrs S Committee
Horton Mr and Mrs Oscar Committee
Jaffee Mr and Mrs Henry Committee
Kolick Mr and Mrs A Committee
Kozak Mr and Mrs S Committee
Kimmel Mr L Committee
Levine Mr and Mrs Arie Committee
Lipchick Mr and Mrs Committee
Lipshitz Mr and Mrs R Committee
Milgrom Mrs A Committee
Morgan Mr A Committee
Miletzky Mr and Mrs Committee
Mintz Mr S Committee
Rolnick Mr and Mrs Committee
Rubin Mr and Mrs Committee
Rudonitzky Mr S Committee
Schudroff Mr and Mrs D Committee
Saperstein Mr and Mrs W Committee
Schmuckler Mr and Mrs E Committee
Singer Mr and Mrs E Committee
Siegel Mr and Mrs M Committee
Scher Mr A Committee
Simchowitz Mr H Committee
Smilkstein Mr and Mrs Committee
Stampnitzky Mr J Committee
Topchick Mr and Mrs Committee
Werbin Mr and Mrs Committee
Yamner Mr and Mrs Committee
Zlates Mr and Mrs Committee

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