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Igumener Benevolent Association

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

Thanks to the excellence and diligence of the YIVO librarians I was able to locate the following names found at the end of a very small bound booklet containing, in Yiddish, the constitution of the society.  I would suggest that from inferences from style, oxidation, its necessity for ordering the proceedings of a large group, and its complete reliance on Yiddish that it was printed no later than 1920.

I transliterated the great majority of the names. Where first names used the Hebrew spelling I translated into English [yussef to Joseph, yaakov to Jacob, yitzchok to Isaac]. All things commendable about this lists must be assigned to the YIVO librarians. All mistakes in transliteration must ascribed to the poor work of J Seligsohn.  I would suggest that where common names are clearly stated the work is fairly good. Where names appear to be atypical I would infer that I am at fault.

Jerome Seligsohn
May, 2001

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
Surname First name
Aaron Wolf
Adler Bennet
Adler Baruch
Adlin Philip
Akin Mendel
Akin Jacob
Akin Samson
Alperin Nahum
Alperin Morris
Alperin Yehudah
Alpert Joseph
Appel Harry
Bagelman Sam
Bailis Bennet
Baronomovich Aidel
Beckerman Aaron
Belin Harry
Belin Chaim
Bendes Laab
Berkowitz Melick
Berman Abraham
Berman Hedi
Berstein Abraham
Beslovich Chaim
Beslovich Samuel
Beslowitz Benson
Bislovich Mendel
Bislovich Mordecai
Bogdanov Tevel
Bond Mendel
Bredhoff Isaac
Cantor Rubin
Cantor Jacob
Cantor Jacob
Cantor Isaac
Cantowitz Benny
Chadash Moshe
Charin Abraham
Charnea Sam
Charnea Max
Chopin Moshe
Chopin Chaim
Cohen Aaron
Draygen Abraham
Edelman Isaac
Elentuck Max
Elinik Meyer
Feldman Eliezer
Feldman Ike
Feldman Zelman
Feldman Sam
Feskin Sam
Finkelstein Nathan
Finkelstein Joseph
Fisher Louie
Flax Laab
Flax Abraham
Flax Morris
Freiman Mendel
Fried Hillel
Fried Meyer
Fried Abraham
Fried Miriam
Fried Abraham
Fried Zelman
Fried II Meyer
Friedland Harry
Friedlander Jacob
Friedman Alter
Garlen Sam
Garlen Benjamin
Garlen Abraham
Garlen Aaron
Gelfand Gerson
Glockenheim Baruch
Glockenheim Yudel
Goldberg Zanvil
Goldberg Bennet
Goldberg Asher
Goldberg David
Golub Nathan
Golub Laab
Golub Zelman
Gordon Eli
Gordon Abraham
Gordon Sam
Gordon Chaim
Gordon Philip
Gordon Michael
Gordon Eli
Gordon Abraham
Gordon David
Greenberg Sam
Greengrass Jacob
Hadash Gerson
Hait Rubin
Hait Michel
Halperin Shmocha
Halperin Samson
Handman Asher
Heller Israel
Heller Naphthali
Heller Alex
Hertz Mendel
Himmelstein Eliezer
Himmelstein Morris
Horowitz Samuel
Horowitz Nathan
Horowitz Bennet
Jacobson Sam
Jacobson Jacob
Kabakoff Meyer
Kaplan Morris
Karbakoff Joseph
Kaufman Morris
Kaufman Nahum
Kavakoff Gedali
Killik Chaim
Klebanoff Samuel
Kolodkin Idel
Kolodkin Meyer
Kovakoff Chaim
Levin Mendel
Levin Abraham
Levine Aron
Levine Alter
Levine Wolf
Levine Sam
Levine Don
Levine AAron
Levine Yikosiel
Levy Saul
Levy Nathan
Levy Israel
Lifshitz Israel
Lifshitz Zissel
Lipkind Gdole
Lipps Louie
Lipshitz Asher
Lipshitz Issachar
Lipshitz Sam
Lipshitz Moshe
Lipshitz Eliezer
Lipshitz Max
Lipsit Jacob
Manheit Chaim
Manheit Sam
Mardelovich Laab
Mardocovich Morris
Marinoff Morris
Marshak Harry
Melnik Lipman
Melnik Yehoesh
Meyerowitz Yehoesh
Minkowitz Laab
Navidvar Yudel
Ness Saul
Nissaman Meyer
Nissan Semon
Nissanovich Hillel
Nissenivich Meyer
Nissenoff Joseph
Nissenorf Hanick
Nissenvich Zvi
Pelin Abraham
Perelman Isaac
Peskin Pinchas
Pincus Morris
Plitzok Isaac
Polakoff Eli
Polakoff Miriam
Pollock Nachman
Pollock Yehoesh
Pollock Harry
Rabinovich Lieb
Rappoport Jacob
Relkin Harry
Ridderman Bennet
Rifkind Miriam
Rosenbaum Yehoah
Rosenberg Yehaskel
Rosenberg Joseph
Rosenberg Bennet
Rosenberg Jacob
Rosenhaus Mendel
Rosenheim Louie
Rosenheim Isaac
Rosenheim Barnet
Rosenheim Morris
Rosenheim Max
Rossovsky Bennet
Rubin Miriam
Rubin Chaim
Rubin Mendel
Rubin Moshe
Rubinstein Joseph
Ruderman Moshe
Sankin Morris
Schneider Joseph
Schwartz Sam
Schwartz Alter
Schwartz Charles
Schwartz Laab
Shaff Gedali
Shapiro Eliezer
Shapiro Eliezer
Shapiro Chaim
Shatz Netta
Shatz Samuel
Shatz Moshe
Shatz Abraham
Shatz Niteh
Shatz Jacob
Sher Max
Shoenfeld Abraham
Shulman Ayzer
Silberman Vorlip
Siling Miriam
Simon Joseph
Simon Nathan
Singer Israel
Singer Bennet
Siverbloom Louie
Sivin Isaac
Skolnick Nahum
Snyder Noah
Soloff Selig
Soloff Nathan
Soloff Lipma
Solov Sam
Sonkin Morris
Sonkin Harry
Sorkin Aaron
Starangin Aaron
Stein Sam
Strangen Max
Syder Benny
Tomsek Bennet
Tunick L:aab
Victor Jacob
Vinokur Zelman
Vishkovitz Mendel
Vishkovitz Abraham
Yikilstaik Meyer
Zelishinsky Abraham
Zornea Isaac
Zuckerman Israel
Zussman Miriam