Other Available Lists

1112 Government Workers in the City of Grodno (1941)
  • Lists Jewish workers in the City of Grodno. 1112 individuals listed. 
  • Lists the first and last name, year of birth, and street address. 
  • Organized by occupation, and then alphabetically by the first letter of the last name. 
  • 19 standard pages. Fair copy quality. 
  • From the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. 
Names from the Krynki Yizkor Book
  • About 700 names, probably town residents, transliterated from the Krynki Yizkor book index. (C.1940) 
  • Lists names (occasionally nickname), occupation, or a parent's given name parenthetically. 
  • Reorganized from the original (by address) into alphabetical order. 
  • English (from the original in Yiddish). 
  • 7 standard pages. Excellent copy quality. 
  • From Pinkas Krynki. 
Contributors to Charity, from Grodno
  • 2970 Contributors to Jewish Charities, from the City of Grodno, dated 1937. 
  • Lists the first and last name of men and women from the City of Grodno who gave donations to (unknown) Jewish charities. 
  • Includes occupation, street address, and amount of donation. 
  • Strict alphabetical order. Polish. 
  • 49 8- x 11 pages. Good to very good copy quality. 
  • From The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, Documents Concerning the Destruction of the Jews of Grodno 1941-1944, Volume VI, originally from the Grodno State Archives. 
300 Families from the Suchowola Yizkor Book
  • About 300 families, probably victims of the Holocaust, from the Suchowola Yizkor Book Index, C.1944. 
  • Lists the members of households, sometimes with nicknames. Often includes the maiden names of women. 
  • Includes the number of individuals in each household, and names of children when known. 
  • Listed in order by address. Yiddish. 
  • 7 standard pages (including 2 text in English). Good copy quality. 
  • From Sefer Suchowola, Ch. Steinberg, M. Winchutsker, Y. Levin and W. Tsivan (1957, Jerusalem). 

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