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Brisker and Grodner Benevolent Society - 1987, 1989
Cleveland, Ohio

compiled by Eileen Price

My parents, Ben and Sadie Blecher were members of the Brisker and Grodner Farein for many years.  This combined membership list, 1987 and 1989, was found in my mother's papers after she died in 1996.  I have the old addresses and phone numbers that might still be correct. 

Surname First names
Anderson Rose
Arnovitz Rose
Arnovitz Sam and Jean
Barbash Nate and Shirley
Baum Miriam
Baum Morrie and Belle
Blatt Morris and Hilda
Blecher Sadie
Buckholtz Jack
Cemel Jacob and Molly
Cohen Mrs. Rose
Cohen Nate and Rose
Corwin Phillip and Evelyn
Davis Mrs. Anna
Davis Sydney and Betty
Deutchman Bernie and Sanna
Dombcik Mrs. Bessie
Dwosh Leo and Raye
Falcone Mrs. Ann
Faller Jennie
Fishman Hy and Minnie
Fleisher Miss Rose
Friedman Sanford and Sylvia
Glazer Joseph and Lilliam
Goldman Jeanette
Greenberg Phil and Betty
Grejniman Mrs. Anna
Grossner William and Rose
Halpern Dr. Evelyn
Herman Mrs. Gertrude
Herman Mrs. Tillie
Hermelin Mrs. Evelyn
Kanter Lionel
Keilin Sol and Rose
Kemelhar Maurice and Ida
Kerschberg Samuel and Fanny
Kleinman Mrs. Eva
Koses Roberta and Ann
Kravitz Mrs. Laura
Kravitz Louis and Gertrude
Kronfeld Oscer and Ada
Kusner Ben and Pauline
Kutler Mrs. Zelda
Laidman Mrs. Sarah
Lane Myron and Ruth
Lewin Burt and Janet
Lishinsky Aaron and Ruth
Lopate Hymie and Rose (Hon.)
Maniker Lillian
Markowitz Irving
Master Mrs. Gussie
Miller Leon and Vera
Milner Mrs. Bessie
Neidus Joe and Margie
Nodelman Mrs. Rose
Packer Hyman and Goldie
Perrin Mrs. Lillian (Ackerman)
Ritzenberg Jack
Rosen Irwin and Meriam
Rothenberg Paul and Anetta
Rudnick Leon and Rose
Shlachter Albert and Sophie
Schwartz Lill
Schwartz Milton and Dorothy
Silverberg Mrs. Eva
Silverstein Sid and Miriam
Simon Isadore and Hlen
Singer Nate
Stein Morris
Tirk Mrs. Sylvia
Wayman Norman and Eleanor
Weissman Mrs. Ann
Wolf Maurice and Lillian
Wolinetz Sam
Zeid Harry and Bernice
Zeid Harry and Sarah
Zelvy Phil

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