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Antopoler Young Men's Benevolent Association Landsmanshaften

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

The following names are taken from about 120 sheets of paper, each paper containing a name with that person's recorded dues payments 1964-66.

From the 1950's and on, Landsmanshaften lost membership and purpose. The need for cemetery plots, social services, relief to brethren in Belarus as well as speaking Yiddish and sharing memories of the old country no longer provided the basis for a cohesive organization. Many of these landsmanshaften dissolved and donated their papers and records to YIVO. Had they known that Jewishgen would forward some of their purposes with its emphasis on history and genealogy the landsmanshaften might have evolved and merged into Jewishgen and donated to us their membership lists and genealogy. I could not find membership lists in the YIVO records. Names were gleaned from stationery listings of officers and from donation boxes found in celebratory publications which were used to provide for the cost of the publication.

Jerry Seligsohn

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
Surname First name
Bader S
Bader J
Bader D
Barash M
Bayuk H
Becker S
Bell A
Berger H
Berger Larry J
Bilkes M
Butler I
Cohen I
Corbin Nathan I
Corbin J
Cutler Sam
Cutler J
Davis B
Dubofsky S
Flame I
Fried E
Friedman B
Gam L
Garber J
Garbowitz H
Glasser N (of Brooklyn)
Glasser N (of New Jersey)
Glasser M
Glasser  I L
Glazer M
Goldberg A
Goldberg J
Goldman L
Golub Harry
Greenberg S
Greenstein H
Grill M
Grossman I
Handler S
Handler J
Hemerowsky M
Hertzberg A
Hoffman I
Hoffman M
Honigman S
Ioes J
Kaganowitz L
Kaplan Philip
Kaplan L
Kaplan H
Kaplan J
Kateman G
Katz M
Keer Wm
Kessler D
Komsky D
Komsky G
Komsky S
Kramer I
Levine J
Lief J
Lipofsky B
Lysice[?] B
Margolies S
Mazursky H
Miller H
Moskowitz Mrs. Fay
Munetz S
Mursky H
Nadel L
Osip J
Ossip H
Palefsky I
Panter M
Polofsky Chas
Postal O
Ptolnick M
Putterman David J
Rabinowitz J
Rabinowitz D
Rabinowitz B
Rabinowitz S
Rizman J
Rosditsky J
Rosen J
Rosenberg C
Rosenberg M
Rosenberg Wm
Ross D
Rubenstein M
Rubenstein M
Rushensky S
Schaler A
Schneider D
Shapiro J
Siller I
Silverman H
Siroty C
Siskind M
Stein Geo
Stein J
Sterman I
Sterman A
Sterman H
Tapolsky D
Warshawsky A
Weinberger J
Weiner H
Weinstein H S
Weissman K
Wernick J
Wilensky J
Wishnowitz Wm
Wolfe M
Wolinetz M
Wolinetz J
Wolinsky A
Woloweltsky L
Yarinsky S

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