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1906 Minsk Uyezd Duma List
Surnames starting with the letter U

by the Belarus SIG
translated by Vitaly Charny, Tom Gartman, Olga Parker, Edward Rosenbaum, Paula Zeiselman, and others

The 1906 Minsk Uyezd duma list contains 16300 names. The only information available is listed below. This duma list does not contain the name of the town that these people resided in or were registered in. All one can assume is that the person lived in the Minsk uyezd (which includes the city of Minsk).

For more information on duma lists, please visit the Duma Voter List FAQ

Duma project coordinators: Risa Heywood and Riki Vered

If you found a name on this list, or if you would like to contribute to the translation and Web posting of lists like these, please make a generous contribution to the Belarus SIG general fund or any of its projects.

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SURNAME Given name Patronymic Category/qualification List number
UAYTSMenakhimKushelevApartment leaser1
UCHAKOVSKYMeyerLeybovichApartment leaser65
UCHAKOVSKYMeyerLeybovichApartment leaser66
UDALEVKharitonKhristoforovApartment leaser4
UDALEVKharitonKhristoforovichState worker or pensioner7
UDALEVKhariton State worker or pensioner6
UDALYYBergIzrailevApartment leaser5
UDAROVIvanNikolaevichApartment leaser - Homeowner8
UEYSKYAleksandr-Marian State worker or pensioner84
UEYSKYViktorIvanovichState worker or pensioner85
UFLYANDAronMovshevichApartment leaser59
UFLYANDAryKhaimovichApartment leaser58
UFLYANDBerkoDavidovPaid business tax - Apartment leaser60
UFLYANDFaybishDavidovApartment leaser63
UFLYANDMendelAronovichApartment leaser61
UFLYANDMushaMovshevichApartment leaser62
UGANOVSKYMeyerLeybovApartment leaser2
UGODNIKAntonAdamovApartment leaser3
ULASEVICHAnton Homeowner20
ULASIKAleksandrYurevApartment leaser - State worker or pensioner21
ULASIKAntonEgorovState worker or pensioner22
ULASIKIgnatyAndreyevState worker or pensioner23
ULINSKYFrantsiskVladislavovichState worker or pensioner24
ULITSKYKiselLeybovichApartment leaser25
ULTVladimirBernardovState worker or pensioner26
ULYANITSKYVladimirValeryanovichApartment leaser29
ULYANOVLeonidAleksandrovichApartment leaser - Homeowner27
ULYANOVLeonid State worker or pensioner28
UMENETSKYIvan Homeowner30
UNGERAleksandrAleksandrovichState worker or pensioner32
UNIKHOVSKYYanushFrantsevichApartment leaser33
UNTILOVSergeyKirnkovichApartment leaser34
UNTIN LYUBOV  Apartment leaser35
UPARTBorukhAronovPaid business tax36
URASHEVGirshVulfovichApartment leaser37
URBANOVICHPetrVikentevichPaid business tax40
URBANOVICH-GORYANOVICHAdamOsipovState worker or pensioner38
UREVIKYankelLeyzerovApartment leaser42
URMANItskoEvseyevApartment leaser44
URMANOvseyElevPaid business tax46
URMANOvseyShimonovApartment leaser47
URMANOvseyYudelevPaid business tax48
URMANVulfShimonovichApartment leaser43
URSYNOVICHLeontyVladimiravovState worker or pensioner - Apartment leaser50
USHAKOVGirsh Apartment leaser68
SURNAME Given name Patronymic Category/qualification List number
USHAKOVItskaSrolevPaid business tax71
USHAKOVItska Apartment leaser70
USHAKOVIvanIvanovichApartment leaser69
USHAKOVLeybaSrolevApartment leaser72
USHAKOVSrolElevApartment leaser73
USHAKOVVladimirMikhailovApartment leaser67
USHAKOVYankelNotovPaid business tax75
USHATSKYAleksandrMakarovichState worker or pensioner76
USHERAleksandrAleksandrovApartment leaser77
USHERMovshaFaybishevApartment leaser79
USHILLOAdolfVarfolomeyevApartment leaser80
USHINSKYAnton FrantsevichState worker or pensioner - Apartment leaser81
USHINSKYAnton FrantsevichHomeowner82
USHKINDaniilGrigorevApartment leaser83
USPENSKYVladimir State worker or pensioner51
USTINOVICHNikolayVasilevApartment leaser53
USTYAKINP.P.State worker or pensioner - Apartment leaser54
UTILOIgnatyBenediktovApartment leaser64
UTKINBorisKuzmichState worker or pensioner - Apartment leaser55
UTKOOnisimSafonovichState worker or pensioner57
UZLOVSKYRafail Homeowner10
UZLYAMER [=UZLYANER] AbramElevPaid business tax11
UZLYAMER [=UZLYANER] GirshMovshevApartment leaser12
UZLYANAron Homeowner17
UZLYANRubin Homeowner18
UZLYANShimon Homeowner19
UZLYANERDovid-Leyba Homeowner13
UZLYANERMovshaNokhimovApartment leaser14
UZLYANSKYGirshLeybovApartment leaser16

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