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Lyakhovichi 1880 draft list
May, 1880
Minsk Gubernia Vedomosti #??

Transliterated by Gary Palgon

Slutsk uyezd Draft Office announced that in the present year of 1880 by age shown from the census performed by Highest decree of October 2, 1874, as well as by Draft Office from appearance determined age, listed below people are ready to perform military duty; therefore they by articles 97 and 98 of military statute ought to obtain conscription registration certificates from responsible institution, particularly Slutsk [uyezd] Jewish Community.

1. The men in the list are Jews from Slutsk uyezd - Lyakhovichi

2. They reach 21 by 1874 census data (family listing collection), but because many avoided census - there was common to state age by appearance.

3. They have to register in draft office and get certificates to participate in draft lot casting.

So it was all men from Lyakhovichi who were 21 or look 21. Of course some of them could have died or moved between 1874 and 1880.  In most case about 50% of children could survive to this age.

Surname First name father town #
Aginsky Itsko Leiba Lyakhovichi 639
Aronchik Leizer Neftel? Lyakhovichi 638
Berkovich Yosel Sholom-Shakhna Lyakhovichi 640
Berkovich Nevakh Movsha Lyakhovichi 644
Berkovich Shevel Vulf Lyakhovichi 645
Berkovich (Shakhnet?) Yosel Sholom Lyakhovichi 729
Bevda(!) Girsh Khaim Lyakhovichi 647
Brevda Shlioma Itsko Lyakhovichi 642
Brevda Evel Levkovich Lyakhovichi 643
Brevda Shmuel Peisakh Lyakhovichi 646
Budovlya Vulf Khaim Lyakhovichi 641
Budovlya Yankel Khonon Lyakhovichi 649
Budovlya Volf Aron Lyakhovichi 650
Busel Volf Movsha Lyakhovichi 648
Chernyi Abram-Yankel Zalman Lyakhovichi 722
Elin Dovid Abram Lyakhovichi 668
Elin Shlioma Vulf Lyakhovichi 669
Epshtein Aizik Lyakhovichi 726
Falevich Getsel Meyer Lyakhovichi 718
Findel Simon Dovid Lyakhovichi 716
Findel Abram Dovid Lyakhovichi 717
Gantselevich Dovid Shlioma Lyakhovichi 659
Gavza Gesen Shlioma Lyakhovichi 658
Gizonglozich Borukh Itsko Lyakhovichi 660
Golbark Leizer Borukh Lyakhovichi 664
Golemba Berko Shlioma Lyakhovichi 657
Gonzovsky Pinkhus Izrael Lyakhovichi 656
Grinberg Shlioma Vulf Lyakhovichi 662
Grinberg Mordukh Peisakh Lyakhovichi 663
Grinberg Movsha Abram Lyakhovichi 665
Grinberg Yosel Shepshel Lyakhovichi 667
Grinshpan Vulf Shmuilo Lyakhovichi 666
Grishpan Volf Shmuilo Lyakhovichi 661
Kafman Shlioma Aizik Lyakhovichi 680
Kama Avsey Berko Lyakhovichi 676
Kama Aron-Dovid adapted Lyakhovichi 677
Kama Evna Shlyoma Lyakhovichi 678
Kantorovich Shlioma Yosel Lyakhovichi 682
Kaplan Matus Itsko Lyakhovichi 674
Kaplan Berko Leizer Lyakhovichi 681
Kaplan Gershon Leiba Lyakhovichi 683
Kaplan Movsha Leiba Lyakhovichi 727
Kaplan Dovid Antel Lyakhovichi 728
Kerbel Girsh Shimon Lyakhovichi 675
Kerbel Leizer Yankel Lyakhovichi 679
Khait Borukh Vulf Lyakhovichi 720
Khait Meyer Itsko Lyakhovichi 721
Kharlip Aizik Leiba Lyakhovichi 719
Kufman Shlioma Aizik Lyakhovichi 684
Leiman Borukh Lyakhovichi 688
Lev Girsh Nokhim Lyakhovichi 686
Lev Yosel Shimshel Lyakhovichi 689
Lev Zymen Itsko Lyakhovichi 692
Lev Shmuilo Yosel Lyakhovichi 693
Lis Aron Girsh Lyakhovichi 694
Los Moisey Mordukh Lyakhovichi 685
Los Itsko Aron Lyakhovichi 687
Los Abram Lyakhovichi 690
Los Shaya Yosel Lyakhovichi 691
Maii Orel-Aron Khaim Lyakhovichi 703
Makosey? Borukh Abel Lyakhovichi 700
Makoshey Shmuilo Berko Lyakhovichi 701
Masonchik Simkha Leiba Lyakhovichi 698
Mendel Srol Shmuilo Lyakhovichi 695
Mlodikov Leiba Yankel Lyakhovichi 702
Mukasey Itsko Girsh Lyakhovichi 696
Muzykant Yosel Yankel Lyakhovichi 697
Muzykant Khaim-Meyer Mordukh Lyakhovichi 699
Neiman Berko Ellya Lyakhovichi 709
Neman Yosel Khaim Lyakhovichi 705
Nilnik Dovid Khaim Lyakhovichi 706
Olekh Abram-Yankel Shmuilo Lyakhovichi 708
Perlov Govsey Nevakh Lyakhovichi 711
Pilnik Dovid Khaim Lyakhovichi 713
Plotnik Leiba Nokhim Lyakhovichi 710
Porlev Movsha Nevakh Lyakhovichi 712
Risher Dovid Leiba Lyakhovichi 714
Shifris Lipa Zalman Lyakhovichi 725
Shuster Faitel Movsha Lyakhovichi 723
Shuster Dovid Kalmon Lyakhovichi 724
Tukachinsky Mordukh Shevel Lyakhovichi 715
unknown Lipa Aron Lyakhovichi 704
unknown Girsh-Leiba Yankel Lyakhovichi 707
Venger Mordukh Leizer Lyakhovichi 651
Venger Yosel Girsh Lyakhovichi 652
Volokhyansky Itsko Khaim Lyakhovichi 653
Volokhyansky Evel Leiba Lyakhovichi 654
Volokhyansky Berko Evel Lyakhovichi 655
Zayats Shlioma Lyakhovichi 672
Zhmuidzak Ekhiel Shlioma-Berko Lyakhovichi 673
Zmodzyak Girsh Yankel Lyakhovichi 670
Zmodzyak Itsko Yankel Lyakhovichi 671

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