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Byten 1806 Revision List

Latitude: 5253' Longitude: 2530'
Also known as Buten, Butern, and Butin

Funded by contributions to the Belarus SIG

Byten was part of Slonim uyezd, Grodno gubernia. The original three Revision Lists are located in the National Historical Archives of Belarus (Grodno branch) and are part of Fond 24, Inventory 7, files 465, 477 and 478. To the best of our knowledge, these lists were not filmed by the Family History Library (FHL). For more background on Revision Lists in general, please click here. In the absence of vital records, the Revision List are an excellent source document for researching your family history. Earlier family or census lists exist for Byten which may enable researchers to trace their families into the 1700, when most people did not have surnames. The 1806 list has surnames for all but a few of the entries and therefore, is a key link back to the earlier 1784 Byten Kahal (census) list that is in the hands of Jewish Family History Foundation. The Belarus SIG is in the process of working out an agreement with the Foundation to cooperatively share data.

These databases are a complete extraction and translation from Russian and are not an index. The 1806 Revision List does not have registration numbers and that field is blank. Be sure to carefully read the "comments", "reason left" and "year left" fields, which contain additional information on some of the entries and may provide you with leads to other shtetls and death years. These lists are in alphabetical order by surname. In some cases, the household included people with different surnames. Therefore, you should look in the "other surnames" and either find those names on the list or look for the same registration number (1850 & 1858 lists).

The data for the three Byten Revision Lists will eventually be added to the combined Belarus Revision List database that will be searchable from the All Belarus Database.

The Belarus SIG would like to thank those members who contribute funds to make these lists available and also to our Webmaster and Database Manager for his efforts to get to make this data available in such a short time.

Also see: Byten 1850 Revision list     Byten 1858 Revision List

Page#Registration #SURNAMESOther Surnames in HouseholdGiven NameRelationship to Head of HouseholdFatherAge at last revisionAgeReason LeftYear LeftCommentsDayMonthYearTownUyezdGuberniaType of RecordFormer Registration #Archive/Fond/Inventory/File#
57 ABRAMOVSKY EntaNieceMordukh 19    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY Enta MeylaNiece-in-law  19  wife of Movsha Zelik August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY FreydaSister-in-law  49  wife of Mordukh August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 ABRAMOVSKY GadasWife  39    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 ABRAMOVSKY Iosel MordukhSonShaya 21    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 ABRAMOVSKY LeybaSonShaya 14    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY MordukhBrotherMeyer 59    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY MovshaHead of HouseholdMeyer 61  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY Movsha ZelikNephewMordukh 12    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY OvseyBrotherMeyer  escapedJune 18, 1798  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY RishaNieceMordukh      August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 ABRAMOVSKY ShayaHead of HouseholdMovsha 40  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 ABRAMOVSKY SheynaDaughter-in-law  16  wife of Iosel Mordukh, arrived from Slonim on Apr. 20, 1805 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ABRAMOVSKY SoraWife  56    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v BAGRADORSKY BlymaGranddaughterLeyba Girsha 4    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v BAGRADORSKY Ester DankhaDaughter-in-law  24  wife of Leyba Girsha August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v BAGRADORSKY KhanaWifeMovsha 71  widow, bookbinder, born in Byten, but absent in 1794 - 1806, in 1806 returned August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v BAGRADORSKY Leyba GirshaSonShlioma 25  study bookbinding in different places August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v BAGRADORSKY ShliomaHead of HouseholdMovsha  diedFeb. 3, 1802in 1793 - 75 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 BERKOVSKY ElkaDaughterShmerka 13    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 BERKOVSKY Leya MnukhaWife  28    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 BERKOVSKY ShmerkaHead of HouseholdLeyba 40  farmer, rents 21,36 hectars in Slonim District from nobleman Bisping, in 1800 recorded in shtetle of Gorodishche, Novogrudok District of Minsk Province, arrived in Byten on Feb. 20, 1801 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 BERKOVSKY SimkhaDaughterShmerka      August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v BORKOVSKY GislyaDaughterNokhim  married to KobrinJune 20, 1803  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v BORKOVSKY NokhimHead of HouseholdKhaim 47  trinket commerce August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v BORKOVSKY PerlyaDaughterNokhim 4    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v BORKOVSKY TchernyaWife  43    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v BORTNITSKY AbramSonGirshon 10    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v BORTNITSKY EsterDaughterGirshon 16    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v BORTNITSKY GirshonHead of HouseholdAbram 39  food merchant August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v BORTNITSKY KhanaWife  37    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v DETKOVSKY FayvishHead of HouseholdGirsha 25  begged in different places since childhood until Mar. 30, 1803 when arrived in Byten with wife and daughter August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 DETKOVSKYRABINOVITCHGitlyaDaughterGirsha 31  wife of Movsha Leyba August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 DETKOVSKYRABINOVITCHItskaSon-in-lawMovsha Leyba 28    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v DETKOVSKY LeyaDaughterFayvish 4    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 DETKOVSKY LeybaHead of HouseholdAbram 71  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 DETKOVSKY PayaWife  41    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 DETKOVSKY SheynaDaughterLeyba 16    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 DETKOVSKY ShmoylaSonLeyba 19    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v DETKOVSKY SimkhaWife  25    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 DETKOVSKYRABINOVITCHSoraGranddaughterItska 9    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 DETKOVSKYRABINOVITCHVolfGrandsonItska 2    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v DOVYDOVSKY EsterWife  24    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v DOVYDOVSKY LeybaSonLitman 3    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v DOVYDOVSKY LitmanHead of HouseholdAfroim Movsha 30  tavern keeper, arrived from Ruzhany of Slonim District on Jan. 1, 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v DOVYDOVSKY RokhlyaDaughterLitman 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v ELSELIOVITCH EsterDaughterZasel Itsko 4    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v ELSELIOVITCH SoraWife  47    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v ELSELIOVITCH Zasel ItskoHead of HouseholdAbram 43  trinket commerce August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v ENKELOVSKY EsterDaughterFayvish 5    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v ENKELOVSKY FayvishHead of HouseholdShaya 37  tavern keeper, arrived from Slonim on May 11, 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v ENKELOVSKY TsypaWife  37    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN AfroimSonOsher 23    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN DopkaGranddaughterAfroim 6  wife of Iosel August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN GitlyaWife  47    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN IoselSon-in-lawAbram 20  arrived from Stvolovichi of Novogrudok District on Mar. 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN KunyaDaughter-in-law  20  arrived from Radun of Lida District, Vilnius Province, married on Jan. 12, 1798 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN OsherHead of HouseholdAfroim 59  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 GALERSHTEYN SoraDaughterOsher 19  wife of Abram August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 GERSHENOVSKY Girsha ShimenHead of HouseholdShmoylo 60  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 GERSHENOVSKY Rivka GutaWife  40  2nd wife arrived from Mir of Novogrudok on Aug. 15, 1803 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 GERSHENOVSKY SoraWife   diedJune 20, 18011st wife of Girsha Shimen, in 1795 - 58  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 GERSHENOVSKY TinaDaughterGirsha Shimen  escapedApr. 22, 1804with 1st wife August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 GERSHENOVSKY ZeydaDaughterGirsha Shimen  escapedApr. 22, 1804with 1st wife August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v INDELMAN AbelSonYankel 22  begged in different places since childhood until Jan. 24, 1802 when arrived in Byten with his wife August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 INDELMAN AnshelSon-in-lawMikhel    divorced, moved to Lyakhovich of Slutsk District, Minsk Province  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 INDELMAN DvoshaDaughterShmoyla Shlioma 8    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 INDELMAN DynyaDaughterShmoyla Shlioma  married someone elseSept. 7, 1805former wife of Anshel August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v INDELMAN Ester FrumaWife  46    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 INDELMAN GirshaSonShmoyla Shlioma 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v INDELMAN LeyaDaughter-in-lawAbel 20  wife of Abel August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 INDELMAN MentaWife  46    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 INDELMAN Shmoyla ShliomaHead of HouseholdGirsh 54  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v INDELMAN YankelHead of HouseholdGirsha 51  worked as servant at Jewish hospital of Byten as too poor to support himself August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY Ester DakhnaDaughterItska  marriedFeb. 11, 1802lives in Byten in different family August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY ItskaHead of HouseholdAfroim 61  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY KhayaDaughterItska  married to Stvolovichi of Novogrudok DistrictNov. 6, 1803  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY LeyaWife  59    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY SernaDaughterItska 15    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY ShliomaSonItska 8    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IODZELIOVSKY SoraDaughterItska  married to RuzhanyMay 20, 1806  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY DynaDaughter-in-law  26  2nd wife of Gdalya, married on Apr. 7, 1805 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY GdalyaSonLeyba 34    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY KhayaGranddaughter-in-law  21  wife of Zelman Orka August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY LeybaHead of HouseholdIosel 72  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY SheynaWife  68    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY TsyrlaDaughter-in-law   diedFeb. 3, 1800in 1795 - 24, 1st wife of Gdalya August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 IOSELEVSKY Zalman OrkaGrandsonGdalya 13    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KADYSHOVITCH Basya SoraDaughterNotka Genekh 16  wife of Ovsey Nakhemiya August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KADYSHOVITCH Notka GenekhHead of HouseholdTevel 46  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KADYSHOVITCH Ovsey NakhemiyaSon-in-law  25    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KADYSHOVITCH TinaWife  45    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH DveyraGranddaughterShakhna Khaim 3    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH FeygaDaughter-in-law  23  wife of Shakhna Khaim, arrived from Lyakhovich of Slutsk District, Minsk Province on June 15, 1798 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH LibaWife  61    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH MovshaHead of HouseholdMeyer 56  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH NakhamaGranddaughterShakhna Khaim 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH RishaDaughterMovsha 15    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 KHAZANOVITCH Shakhna KhaimSonMovsha 31    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 KOSOVSKY AbramHead of HouseholdOrka 43  tailor August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 KOSOVSKY KhanaWife  51    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY BeylyaWife  41    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY Don AbelSonMordukh 25    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY GenyaDaughterMordukh 8    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY GindaDaughter-in-law  22  wife of Don Abel, arrived from Slonim in June 1801 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY Girsha LeyzerSonMordukh 10    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY GutaWife  50    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY LeybaHead of HouseholdZelik 40  tailor, born in Byten, but absent in 1794 - 1806, in 1806 returned  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY MikhlyaGranddaughterDon Abel 4    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY MikhlyaDaughterMordukh  married to KosovoSept. 11, 1800  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY MordukhHead of HouseholdZelik 57  tailor August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v KOSY SoraDaughterMordukh 19    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 LIBORSKY Beylya EsterWife  50    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 LIBORSKY Movsha BerkoHead of HouseholdAfroim 52  tailor August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 LIBORSKY SheynaDaughterMovsha Berko  married to PinskDec. 10, 1799  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 MENKOVITCH DvosyaDaughterIosel 3    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH ElkaDaughterPinya 17    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH EntaDaughterPinya 9    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH FeygaDaughter-in-law  28  wife of Yudka August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 MENKOVITCH IoselHead of HouseholdItsko 23  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH KhayaWife  61    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH MeriamWife  49    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH PesyaDaughter-in-law  17  wife of Yuda, arrived from Peski of Volkovysk District, married on June 27, 1801 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH PeysakhHead of HouseholdEnkel 61  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH PinyaHead of HouseholdLeyba 53  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 MENKOVITCH RaskaWife  20  arrived from Slonim, married on Feb. 7, 1801 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH ShirkaGranddaughterYudka 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH Sora RivkaDaughterPinya 5    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH YudaSonPinya 18    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v MENKOVITCH YudkaSonPeysakh 29    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 MORDUKHOVSKY GindaDaughterMeyer 1    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 MORDUKHOVSKY MeyerHead of HouseholdAbram 37  tavern keeper, arrived from Slonim on May 10, 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58 MORDUKHOVSKY ShifaWife  29    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 POLBOVSKY GenyaDaughterVolf 13    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 POLBOVSKY GoldaWife  37    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 POLBOVSKY VolfHead of HouseholdLeyba 39  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v PRIPSHTEYN Berko MordukhSonMovsha Berka 10    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v PRIPSHTEYN EsterDaughterMovsha Berka 5    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v PRIPSHTEYN LeyaWife  37    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v PRIPSHTEYN Movsha BerkaHead of HouseholdLeyba 40  trinket commerce, arrived from Slonim on Sept. 11, 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v PRIPSHTEYN YudasDaughterMovsha Berka 3    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v PRITSINSKY EntaDaughterLeyzer 14    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v PRITSINSKY KhayaDaughterLeyzer 19    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v PRITSINSKY LeyzerHead of HouseholdMeyer 44  worked as servant at Jewish hospital of Byten as too poor to support himself August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59v PRITSINSKY SoraWife  45    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS BeniaminHead of HouseholdMovsha  diedMar. 15, 1801in 1795 - 65 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS DroshaDaughter-in-law  25  wife of Orka Berka August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS FreydaDaughterBeniamin 17    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS KhayaDaughterBeniamin  escapedJune 30, 1802  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS LeyaWifeMeyer 61  widow, rents 21,36 hectar land from Count Tizenhausen August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS Orka BerkaSonBeniamin 21    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 PYSHNITS SheynaDaughterBeniamin  escapedJune 30, 1802  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 RABINOVITCH GenyaWife  51    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 RABINOVITCH GershonHead of HouseholdLeyzer 45  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 RABINOVITCHDETKOVSKYGirshaHead of HouseholdAbram  diedMar. 10, 1800in 1795 - 67 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 RABINOVITCHDETKOVSKYMindaWifeGershon 75  widow, tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v SAVITSKY AbelHead of HouseholdAfroim 40  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v SAVITSKY BeylyaDaughterAbel 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v SAVITSKY DveraDaughter-in-law     wife of Kalman Afroim, arrived from Logishin of Pinsk District, married on Jan. 15, 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v SAVITSKY Kalman AfroimSonAbel 17    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v SAVITSKY RokhlyaWife  35    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 SHMOYLOVSKY DynaDaughterVolf Avsey 9    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 SHMOYLOVSKY KhanaDaughterVolf Avsey 4    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 SHMOYLOVSKY KreynaWife  25    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
59 SHMOYLOVSKY Volf AvseyHead of HouseholdGirsha 27  food merchant and hired worker August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 TCHEMELINSKY EllyaFatherMeyer  diedOct. 30, 1802in 1795 - 60 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 TCHEMELINSKY FreydaSisterEllya  marriedApr. 15, 1800  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 TCHEMELINSKY GirshaHead of HouseholdEllya 46  farmer, rents 21,36 hectar land from Count Tizenhausen August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 TCHEMELINSKY RisaDaughterGirsha 9    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56 TCHEMELINSKY StirnaWife  41    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v VIGOTSKY Abram LeybaSonGirsha 10    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v VIGOTSKY DynaWife  38    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v VIGOTSKY GirshaHead of HouseholdLeyba 40  trinket commerce August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v VIGOTSKY KhavaDaughterGirsha 7    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
58v VIGOTSKY LibaDaughter-in-law  15  wife of Abram Leyba August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v YUDKOVSKY BasyaDaughterShlioma 16    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v YUDKOVSKY Eydlya FreydaDaughter-in-law  23  wife of Iosel Nokhem August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v YUDKOVSKY Iosel NokhemSonShlioma 25    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v YUDKOVSKY ReyzaWifeLeyba 58  widow, tanner, born in Byten, but absent in 1794 - 1806, in 1806 returned August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
56v YUDKOVSKY ShliomaHead of HouseholdYudel  diedMar. 16, 1796in 1793 - 48 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v ZUKHOVITSKY AbramSon-in-lawMendel 22  orphan, born in Byten but left for school somewhere, returned on Dec. 20, 1802 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v ZUKHOVITSKY LeybaSonOrka 5    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ZUKHOVITSKY NakhamaWife  24    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v ZUKHOVITSKY OrkaHead of HouseholdZusya 36  tavern keeper August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ZUKHOVITSKY RokhlyaDaughterShevel 5    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57 ZUKHOVITSKY ShevelHead of HouseholdZusel 24  tavern keeper, arrived in Byten on Aug. 30, 1805 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v ZUKHOVITSKY SoraWife  34    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
57v ZUKHOVITSKY ZecyaDaughterOrka 10  wife of Mendel August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   AvramHead of HouseholdMovsha 56escapedSept. 9, 1797shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   DynaWife  13escapedJune 11, 1802  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   EydlyaWife  50diedFeb. 9, 1797  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   FreydaWife  50escapedNov. 10, 1798  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   FreydaDaughterGirsha 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   FreydaDaughterAbram 12escapedSept. 9, 1797  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   GershonHead of HouseholdNokhim 60escapedAug. 15, 1802shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   GilyaDaughter-in-law  21  wife of Iosel August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   GindaWife  45escapedSept. 9, 1797  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   GirshaHead of HouseholdKushel 32  family moved to Slonim on Dec. 16, 1800 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   IoselHead of HouseholdYankel 58escapedDec. 14, 1800shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   IoselSonGirsha 8    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   IoselSonLeyb 12    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   KhanaDaughterLeyba 15escapedSept. 15, 1798  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   KhanaWife  48    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   LeyaDaughterOrka 2escapedNov. 10, 1798  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   LeybHead of HouseholdIovel 48  shown in 1795 without family name, family moved to Mysh of Novogrudok District on Mar. 19, 1806 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   LeybaHead of HouseholdAbel 43escapedSept. 15, 1798shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   ManyaWife   diedJune 6, 1798  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   MendelHead of HouseholdVolf 40  shown in 1795 without family name, family moved to Mysh of Novogrudok District on Mar. 19, 1806 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   MikhlyaWife  38diedMay 17, 1797  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   OrkaHead of HouseholdLeyba 48escapedNov. 10, 1798shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   ReyzaWife  35    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   ReyzlyaDaughterOrka 6escapedNov. 10, 1798  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   RivkaWife  34    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   SheynaDaughterMendel 6    August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60v   YankelHead of HouseholdMeyer 55diedOct. 12, 1796shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   Yudel ZavulinSonOrka    moved to Slonim on Mar. 9, 1799 August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   ZelikHead of HouseholdDavid 60escapedJune 11, 1802shown in 1795 without family name August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   ZhenaWifeBeyla 60diedDec. 6, 1803  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465
60   ZlataDaughterGirsha 10escapedApr. 18, 1795  August1806BytenSlonimGrodnoRevision lists NGIAG24/7/465

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