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1907 Slutsk Uyezd Duma List
Surnames starting with the letter C

by the Belarus SIG
translated by Vitaly Charny, Edward Rosenbaum, and others

For more information on duma lists, please visit the Duma Voter List FAQ

Duma project coordinators: Risa Heywood and Riki Vered

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SURNAME Given name Patronymic Value Category Nationality Residence List number Remarks
CHABOTS'KOAnton 125 RussianSlutsk17662nd congress
CHAIKONikolaiIvanov30trade 7th rankRussianKletsk3022 
CHARNYElyaShaev750 JewishSlutsk4951st congress
CHARNYPinkhusShaev750apartment taxJewishSlutsk4961st congress
CHARNUSHEVICHKirillGrigorev real estate ownerRussianKopyl3371 
CHARNUSHEVICHMikheiFilippov real estate ownerRussianKopyl3372 
CHARNYEfroimEleev  JewishGrozov2683 
CHARNYMordukhZelikov real estate ownerJewishStarobin3863 
CHECHENOVSKIItskoNisonov100trade 3rd rankJewishTimkovichi3711 
CHECHOTIgnati 200 RussianNesvizh24142nd congress
CHECHOTIvan 350apartment taxRussianNesvizh20291st congress
CHERCHESYankel  trade 3rd rankJewishChaplitskoi4064 
CHEREBUKHOVSKIShmuiloShaev250apartment taxJewishSlutsk17642nd congress
CHEREBUKHOVSKIYankel 200 JewishSlutsk17622nd congress
CHERNETSOVAdamErmolaevich road (construction/maintenance) foremanRussianSlutsk17602nd congress
CHERNIKHOVIosel'Leibov apartment taxJewishSlutsk17552nd congress
CHERNIKHOVLeibaIoselev650apartment taxJewishSlutsk4901st congress
CHERNOGUBOVSKIAronMovshev160trade 3rd rankJewishTimkovichi3712 
CHERNOGUBOVSKIOvsei  trade 3rd rankJewishKievichskoi3973 
CHERNOGUBSKIAizik 40trade 7th rankJewishKletsk3021 
CHERNOGUBSKIIzrail-Leib 75 JewishSlutsk17632nd congress
CHERNOMORDNIKMendelKhatskelev trade 3rd rankJewishTimkovichi3713 
CHERNOTSKIAntonAleksandrov apartment taxPolishSlutsk17542nd congress
CHERNOVITSKIVikentiFomich3200apartment taxBelorussianNesvizh20281st congress
CHERNYSHEVICHEvdokimStepanov75 RussianSlutsk17692nd congress
CHERVINSKILeonardOsipov apartment taxRussianNesvizh24162nd congress
CHESLERGershon   JewishNesvizh24172nd congress
CHESSKIFedorPavlovich apartment taxRussianSlutsk17712nd congress
CHIPCHINBerkoIoselev apartment taxJewishSlutsk17702nd congress
CHIPCHINIsaakBen'yaminov800trade 3rd rankJewishSlutsk4941st congress
CHIPCHINIser 800 JewishSlutsk4931st congress
CHIPCHINMovshaItskov1875apartment taxJewishSlutsk4891st congress
CHIPCHINOsherMovshov apartment taxJewishSlutsk17562nd congress
CHIPCHINShmuiloBen'yaminov350apartment tax; trade 3rd rankJewishSlutsk4921st congress
CHIPUL'Grigori  dean of the Nesvizh churchRussianNesvizh24152nd congress
CHIRINGeshelMovshov real estate ownerJewishPogost3944 
CHIRKOKonstantinOnufriev primary school teacherRussianSlutsk17592nd congress
CHIRTSOVNikolaiGrigorev salesman in the state's spirits shopRussianSlutsk17612nd congress
CHIZHAleksandr 125 RussianSlutsk17672nd congress
CHIZHYakov 125 RussianSlutsk17682nd congress
CHODZIKElya  apartment taxJewishSlutsk17532nd congress
CHOZHIKBerkoSholomov apartment taxJewishSlutsk17722nd congress
CHOZHIKGirshZiselev trade 4th rankJewishSlutsk17582nd congress
CHOZHIKSholomIudelev175 JewishSlutsk17652nd congress
CHUDZINGirshMovshev300apartment taxJewishSlutsk4911st congress
CHUDZINIoselPeisakhov1300apartment tax; trade 3rd rankJewishSlutsk4971st congress
CHUDZINKhaim-SholomElev real estate ownerJewishKopyl3373 
CHUIKOMaksim  apartment taxRussianSlutsk17572nd congress

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